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Customize Delivery Process by Mobile Embedded Feature

English Aug 25, 2022

Delivery journey is considered as an activity of delivering goods from point A to point B and usually simply straightforward for 90% jobs of this kind. But in other side of 10% remaining, there are still complicated requirements for some specific businesses, which needs extra steps in real operation. As the result, OnWheel need to tune/customize the driver application to digitize & reflect such extra activities in a standard delivery process.

The easiest solution is to update the driver application with new logic, but this way is slow, and risky when accumulating all requirements in a single native mobile app. Hence, we chose our new way: embedded features - an approach to build customer extra logics in form of web view, and inject them into mobile app without rebuilding the whole mobile application. It works for us in 2 aspects: divide and conquer customer logics into separated views and no worry on causing code / logic conflict, faster release as no depending on native app release process. You can imagine our way is like "super-app" and "mini-app", where the mobile application is the host container and the web-view is a mini app plugged into the "mother" frame.  

Do you agree with this approach, at least in theory ? Now, let's dig into some practical use-cases that we already solved to our customer by this feature :D

Above photo is a web view showing many types of garbage along with its price, we built this for a partner who collect, sort and deliver recyclables to manufacturers. As you can see, the web-view play an essential role to make our partner operation more evidence-based convincingly impactful & continuously optimized.

Another use-case is to generate a QR Code for a partner to control outbound inventory. The QR Code is securely encrypted so only readable by the partner system and making the picking-up process more seamless for drivers by just using our OnWheel driver app to show the QR Code, in comparison with using printed paper before.

There are other minor use-cases, such as embed "call-center action" or "send notification sms" button into every delivery stop, by our approach, are solved in a very short time and gained high satisfaction from our clients.

I hope this post explain convincingly enough on how we focus on both speed and quality on delivering customer needs in a flexible technical approach and you may find us to utilize this feature :D