AhaMove released 2 open sources

Engineering Jan 11, 2021

At AhaMove, we embraced a lot of open source softwares and truly grateful of OSS community for invaluable impacts to our company. To me, I think we are very lucky to start our business at the right time of many great OSS such as Metabase, Angular, React, etc ... and we are actively contributing back to the community via our sharing and issue submitting. With such appreciation, we always long for building useful open source softwares as a thank to others. And our wish came true at last days of 2020 when we released 2 open sources at a time: a cdc tool and a metabase-http-driver.

The AhaMove cdc tool is a lightweight tool to capture database change for a very specific use-case: sync data from mongodb to postgresql via change-stream. So why is it unique ? Because before its existence, other available solutions of this use-case (such as mosql, moresql) are all out of date: no mongodb 4.x change stream support, no advanced features such as exclude some fields, write to csv, etc... and quite slow. We also need our cdc tool compatible with some features of mosql (another OSS that we are using) such as extra_props; and not depend on any message queue like kafka or rabbitmq so that we can use it as a docker container or a command line tool. So far, we've applied this cdc in our production workload for 6 months and the sync are always up-to-date even in peak day of traffic without any data-loss, so we are very happy with this tool.

The metabase-http-driver is a database connector plugin for Metabase, a BI tool that our AhaMovers love so much, to help us get and visualize data from any http api. Our motivation to build this software is that we can't find a native connector to our specialized database. Because writing a native connector to such database is quite tough to us, we decided to write a more general connector for http api, so that we can use it for our database and other use-cases such as combining data from multiple sources, etc... and indeed, this connector convenience is widely adopted by many our team mates.  

Releasing 2 open sources in December is a very good way to end not-a-quite-lucky year of 2020 with a warm thank to open source community. We have used these software in our production successfully and do hope that they do the same to you.