Hybrid last-mile delivery with OnWheel

Product Mar 31, 2022

If last-mile delivery is an important activity in your business, you would always concern the balance of cost & fulfillment rate. If you start with an in-house fleet, you can control the whole delivery process and cost, but hardly serve peak demand at times because your delivery capacity is fixed with your fleet. On the other hand, starting with on-demand delivery platforms such as Ahamove/Grab, you can let your burden of fulfilling demand to their shoulders, but may worry on controlling cost due to price surging or unpredictable spending. And many Ahamove clients chose OnWheel to adopt hybrid model to utilize both delivery parties, flexibly in normal & peak demand periods.

In many ways, OnWheel can help customers to easily choose in-house or Ahamove shippers to fulfill their bookings:

  • OnWheel provide an automatic fallback mechanism between 2 parties: our system will wait for a defined period of time for each order to be accepted by a shipper of a party (say in-house fleet), after that, if no shipper accepted, the system will automatically switch to find shippers in another party (say Ahamove fleet). Many F&B chains such as TCH, HighlandCoffee adopted this approach to maximize their fulfillment rate without human interference.
  • OnWheel provide a highly customized booking tool for customers to choose in-house or Ahamove services. Many businesses have a more complex booking process with many criteria required human interaction, so they want to control the fleet-switching via OnWheel web tool, so that not only to choose which delivery party, but also how such that party do their delivery to meet all customer requirements.  
  • Edge cases: booking is the popular entry point to choose proper party, but managing in-progress booking from multiple parties is also another challenge that OnWheel has smoothly solved with simple & intuitive experience on our operator tool, to handle almost any possibilities during a delivery journey from canceling, rebooking, rating, etc...

Hybrid model in last-mile delivery is a noticable option nowadays to maximize the operation efficiency of this activity for corporate customers, and OnWheel is confident to address this problem fully.