Launching Software for Last Mile Delivery

News Sep 17, 2020

Three months ago, we decided to offer a new product: a SaaS for Last Mile Delivery. Our inspiration is: we are so proud of our in-house technologies with proven competencies and popularity in last-mile delivery segment, and we also see some demands from our existing customer base about a software to manage their own fleet. The fact is, while AhaMove already provides delivery services, for many reasons, some clients are unable to shift all their orders to our managed fleet. For example, some are in transition phase with their own huge delivery men, some believe at normal traffic, owned fleet are more optimal in cost and service quality and branding. For whatever reason, they need a software to effectively manage their own drivers, and even more, it would be great if they can use a software to manipulate traffic between their own fleet and 3PLs.

And today, we are happy to present to you! We will bring to you all our best software of last-mile delivery and fleet management.

So, let me brief 5 reasons why you should choose us for your fleet management software:

  1. We are delivering more than 90k parcels by 10k plus drivers daily, so you can use our proven stable and modern software for your operators and drivers, at the same high SLA level of us.
  2. For the first time, you can use a "2 in 1" solution for both your own fleet and a 3PL (AhaMove) to deliver your parcels in your control. This unique feature will help you more flexible in handling demands at idle and peak periods.
  3. Our software is user-friendly and battle-tested, hence cover a lot of use cases that hardly any other providers can support in the market, especially for Vietnam market. The software is designed in plug-and-play manner, so you can use our tool or plug our single feature into your applications.
  4. Flexible and friendly pricing: our pricing includes 2 parts: monthly support fee and stop fee (transaction fee per delivery location), which will be very competitive and affordable for your own need, because we want to grow with you.
  5. Towards the future: as a startup, we are betting new technologies such as route optimization and geospatial analytic toolings to disrupt the current traditional logistic industry. And we want companions to go with us.

I hope my sharing somehow convinced you. So, let's give us a try. We are HERE.