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OnWheel Quarter 2 Updates

Engineering Jul 8, 2022

Another quarter of the year has flied, and OnWheel keep busy with many clients & product update & new business prospects. Allow me to walk through our proud achievements of the last season:

  1. We released 3 official case studies to demonstrate how different businesses adopted OnWheel in amazing & innovating ways. Our clients come from F&B store chain, supermarket and Gaming Gear e-retailing , all are both unique but common in sharing the vision of  a wow experience in last mile delivery and OnWheel is chosen to meet such great expectations. The 3 happy journeys gave us a lot of positive energy and emotion, not only to bring value to lots of people, but also to strengthen our products at very tedious detail. So, let check them out my dear visitors and hope you more confident on OnWheel to be your choice.
  2. Saigon Coop has successfully launched OnWheel at their first supermarket on June, and more to come from now on. Proudly to say we are serving top 2 biggest supermarket chains in Vietnam and will introduce more innovating services in this segment.
  3. Guardian convenience store chains would be a next big case study because its system integration is so special with 2 vendors involving including OnWheel and Haravan - a POS provider. As you know, we has mentioned some time ago that OnWheel already integrated with many popular POS vendors such as Kiotviet/Sapo/Haravan but lacking a comprehensive guide on how to make it happen. So, we gonna release this very soon. Keep stunning  ^^
  4. OnWheel is exploring technology problems in truck delivery, with the motivation from our in-house Ahamove truck service and external customers so that we have released some foundation features such as vehicle management, GPS system integration and truck pricing calculation ... We will have a detailed release note on these features.

There are more amazing things on our desk, and will come very soon on our happy journey, so let's keep in touch and follow our blog.