Release note December 2020

Release Note Dec 16, 2020


White Labelling Solution:

A new offering to build a separated infrastructure for your own needs, with pricing starting from 3000$/month for 60k delivery stops, will open all exclusive features such as balance transaction management, private database and branded driver app. The offering also helps to customize your own business logics more easily.

Source :

Fail delivery option:
New function allows our partner to cancel a single stop-point in a trip (included various stop-points) when the driver has accepted order.

Order detail with Fail Delivery option

We will also provide a list of fail reason for Admin to do this action.

Reason for order cancellation

New config for Service provider:

A new configuration has been updated on our operator tools, you can check via this link .

Settings for Service provider 

Admin can set up the operating specifications :

  • Timeout : The order will be auto cancelled when no driver accept order during this period ( seconds )
  • Broadcast distance ( meters ): Only driver in this radius of pickup point will see the order
  • Max order : The amount of order that driver can received per trip
  • Max stop point ( per trip ) : maximum stop point allowed per order

Bug fixes + Improved

  • Fixed some bugs and several crashes