From Vui App to Ahamove

Operation Jan 22, 2022

Recently, I've watched an interesting talk of Mr. Dũng Đặng about his startup - Nano Technologies and really likes his idea about the social impact of flexible salary scheme, which will help low-income labour force to solve their immediate financial problems without being trouble with "loan sharks" ...

Interestingly and coincidently, AhaMove has been applying the "flexible pay" for thousand partners very soon, since we started-up 6 years ago, in a weekly basic. Any driver can request and get his money from Ahamove to his bank account on every Thursday. Moreover, he is also provided many financial services right in Ahamove app with some simple taps: credit loan, insurance, etc to keep him safe and relieved on his burdens. These financial utilities very soon gained great tractions and satisfaction from our delivery partners. The more warmness and usage from our drivers, the stronger motivation we have to make our partner lives easier in a safe and convenient access.

And if you have a question in mind "why Ahamove can apply these economical advances so soon ?", I think the answer is also quite surprised because we have not been aware of such positive effect until today, but just applied normal practice like Grab or Gojek, where we can measure precisely income of our partners up-to-date, based on distance-based pricing model, hence there is no risk to execute "flexi-pay" tactic. (Here is a nice thing in a transportation platform, where we can pay for what has been done transparently and accurately)...

Thanks to Vui App appearance, I have found yet another hidden gem at Ahamove and other platforms in geek-economy, to bring most advanced and modern financial utilities to low-income workforce. This may be a self-finding and self-proud, but also advocate us to keep building a trusting platform of sharing-economy.