Impressive Vietnamese SaaS companies 2020

English Mar 11, 2021

As OnWheel is a SaaS product, I am really eager to observe other local SaaS companies to learn from them, and here is 2 names I like in 2020:

  1. The HRM/eOffice software company really impressed me in many ways: their elegant website (but quite lack of software documentation) and their presentation style in the annual product update event. Base leaderships are so good to share their philosophy-driven killing features. In other words, their products are formed by their belief of western modern management mindset, so it is very focus and clear to reflect these best practices.
  2. Holistics: The BI Tool provider has another way to impress me: their case-study posts and weekly update emails are at very high level of content and presentation style, thus giving me feeling of their professionalism and expertise in their field. Even more admirable because BI tooling is a bloody ocean with many popular names such as Tableau, Looker, Metabase, Redash but Holistics is still loved and used by a lot of clients all around the world. AhaMove is also a Holistics customer and while I don't like some aspects of Holistics, I do confirm that its products has their own unique lock-ins.

Both and Holistics are having something in common: they are so well expressed their belief on designing their products so that we are convinced using them not only by their products but also their philosophy/expertise that we learn. So how about OnWheel's selling points that you need to know ? In short, it is a proven stable-scalable-smart last mile delivery software on cloud. In long, you can read more here about our advantages.