OnWheel alternatives

Product Sep 22, 2020

If you try googling "fleet management software" like our OnWheel, you may find many candidates in both local and global market. So, let's discuss about some popular names in this field and differentiate ours from these names.

For global brands in this segment, I know Tokan, Locust and OnFleet and my most impressive one is Onfleet due to its elegant simplicity and rich of features (We are even inspired by OnFleet) It just has only one drawback in my opinion is that, it is too modern and high standard for local Vietnamese businesses to adopt. In other words, there is a big risk of support and training for domestic companies. For Locust and Tokan, pricing may be a consideration to use these softwares.

Now, back to local candidates, I can find 3 names beside us: SmartLog, Abivin and Movecrop. The first 2 names are actually in a quite different segment from us, which focus on trucking management system with a lot of complicated business logics such as truck load management, dispatch management, IOT, etc... while the last name Movecrop is in the same niche of us but its features somehow don't align with our direction. In my opinion, Movecrop is built towards a CRM in order to manage all possible objects into a single app from Customer, to Delivery Ticket, and VOIP (internet calling) etc... while our OnWheel totally focus on last mile delivery with an advanced driver mobile app and a proven stable robust system, plus innovative technologies such as route optimization or geospatial analytics that can operate smoothly at high magnitude of scale in booking and driver volume.  

Above I tried to list out some potential candidates of fleet management software that are reachable to you. I won't say which is best because they belong to different segments with different feature set and distinguish philosophy of the development team, so just pick the one suits you most.