How we embrace serverless

Engineering Oct 25, 2020

Serverless is a emerging but debatable technology trend recently. At AhaMove, we began exploring serverless since late 2018 with AWS Lambda, and quickly failed in love with this devops-free technology (I actually shared my view on serverless pros and cons before). Keep digging into this fashion by exploring new fittable business use-cases as well as adopting more serverless technologies, nowadays, serverless is a critical part in our tech stack in many aspects:

  • AWS LAMBDA must be the most popular choice for us in many use-case at server side: event handling, infrequent utility apis, and chained processing pipeline ...
  • JAMS stack with Netlify is our second favourite to deploy static files in serverless way, with a seamless experience of fast deployment.
  • Google Cloud Run is last-born member but a really game changer in this field, which solves us many tech-debts: bursting computing and machine learning model deployment.

These technologies are all production-ready and very lightweight in dev-ops prerequisites, hence let us focus on our "domain" problems. Another positive side-effect of this trend is that some non-tech staff can utilize serverless to develop some adhoc/buddy micro-services once they can use python or javascript. I won't say serverless is a one-fit-all solution, but I recommend you to give it a try at anytime as a tool to quickly materialize your experiments.

Betting on new technology is a startup culture. Source: Unsplash

Side note: serverless is one of many our successful bets at AhaMove on new technologies to renovate our development methodology focusing on solving business problems first. Our series will share more use-cases on our tech-bet.